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Texas design leaders


Texas design leaders are a dispersed set of bright minds doing great work in their own orbits. With our noses to the grindstone (or computer monitors), it can be hard to find the time to learn, share, and reflect with our peers. 

We want to remedy this problem by creating a safe space for design leaders to share their hardest challenges, biggest wins, most effective leadership philosophies, and eye-openingest lessons.

Fear not, this isn’t the typical networking shindig. We’re here to make lasting connections and create a community of people you can lean on.

The Fold brings together handpicked design leaders for meaningful experiences and genuine relationships. Dinners, roundtables, discussions and retreats are thoughtfully designed to foster actual friendships in atypical environments. All events are invite-only and curated for impact.



Do fun things and have worthwhile conversations in new environments with other design leaders within the Texas design community.

Community & support

Get camaraderie and support from a community that understands, first-hand, the challenges design leaders face on a daily basis.

Insight & Experience

Receive valuable insight from industry experts on everything from design operations and strategy to leadership methods and personal development.


Engage with a group of people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences that can provide guidance and mentorship.

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The Fold is seeking applications from Texas designers with a minimum of 5 years’ experience leading design teams. If you or someone you know qualifies, submit an application for our review.
Thanks for taking the time to apply to The Fold. Our team will be looking over your application soon. If accepted, we’ll reach out to you with next steps.
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