We work with companies of all shapes and sizes.

Funsize partners with businesses—bootstrap startups to Fortune 500 enterprises—to solve design challenges, create innovative digital experiences and provide unique services that empower design orgs.


Future-forward Thinking

Our work goes beyond the bezels of desktop, mobile and tablet. We help companies bring design innovation to spaces like in-car entertainment, touchbars, wearables and more.


Transforming Visual Language

Sometimes, it’s designing a web page or refreshing an app’s look-and-feel. Other times, it's a total redesign. Whatever it is — an update, re-brand, or a visual design language from scratch, we’re ready to get started.


Taking Products from 0 to 100

User research, workshops, prototypes, MVPs and shippable products are what make the Funsize world go 'round. We love getting in on the ground level and having the opportunity to flex all our design muscles.

See our work with podcast startup, Banter

In-House Teams

We’re built for long-term partnerships that go beyond the typical scope of traditional agency engagements. Our unique approach allows us to embed within design orgs and establish institutional knowledge that provides value for years at a time.

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“Each of the people from Funsize are stellar —amazing designers, thinkers, leaders. And I hope that I grow and model myself after you in some way after this relationship because it’s been such a wonderful learning experience."

— Client at Dell Technologies