Digital Product Design

Taking digital products from idea to shippable

What is Digital Product Design?

Digital Product Design means different things to different people. For us, the term includes every facet of design as it relates to a digital product or service. So, whether a client is looking to ship a brand new digital product, iterate upon an existing experience, or imagine a new look and feel – it all falls under the umbrella of “digital product design” in our book.

Who Needs This Service?

Our Process

Different projects will have different missions and milestones to accomplish. But we stick to an adaptable, proven process that applies to any kind of design work.


Create user empathy and understand the problem.



Explore all possible design directions and investigate potential solutions.



Narrow all the ideas down to one direction. Validate and refine that direction for final hand-off.



Put the finished product in users’ hands and meet business goals. 


Funsize is a digital product design studio that helps inspiring product teams, small and large, uncover opportunities, bring new products to market, evolve digital products and services, and explore the future.

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