The Funsize Show

The Funsize Show is a captivating variety show that brings together three unique podcasts, each offering a distinct and engaging listening experience. Get ready to embark on a diverse and entertaining journey as we showcase a range of topics, perspectives, and storytelling styles, all in one incredible podcast collection.
Into the Fold (Coming Soon)
Intimate video interviews with design leaders from Funsize and beyond. Hosted by Anthony Armendariz.
New Here (Coming Soon)
New Here is about exploring diverse perspectives, uncovering untold stories, and igniting inspiration. Each will bring you engaging interviews with folks who have recently embarked on new endeavors, delving into their aspirations, fears, excitement of actively shaping their future. Hosted by Tony Sanchez.
Unnamed Layers (Coming Soon)
Unnamed Layers is a variety show that peels back the layers of the people who make our company what it is today. Each show will include games, talks, and trivia to connect with the people we work with every day and the different paths that brought us here. Hosted by Edgar Briseño and Dina Williams.
The ideas, methods, people, teams and cultures behind designing meaningful digital products. A Funsize production. Hosted by Anthony Armendariz.