Designing Community and Culture on a Global Scale (Margaret Lee, Google)

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Anthony Armendariz
Margaret Lee
"Ultimately, what we want to do is connect the community. It is my belief that you can have a lot of great amenities. But the big differentiator in whether somebody would want to stay with a company is: Do they feel like they belong there? Do they have that network that keeps them inspired?"
About this episode

Margaret Lee is the Director of UX Community & Culture at Google. A self-described "reluctant leader," she heads up programs that unite departments across the company and create Google career opportunities for those who might not typically have access. Margaret created this role for herself a few years ago when she noticed there was an opportunity to put more intention behind efforts of inclusion and community within Google. After a manger's encouragement, she took a leap of faith and began sharing her passions on-stage. She hasn't looked back since.

We cover:

  • Her path to design
  • Google's shift to a design focus
  • How Margaret created her own niche career
  • The differences intentionality can create
  • How Google is improving access to UX jobs
  • The complex challenge of inclusion
  • Reluctant leadership
  • How her role at Google has changed her personally
  • Connecting with new team members during the pandemic

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On this episode
Anthony Armendariz
Margaret Lee
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