'Steering the Bull' of Culture (Chad Engle, GoDaddy)

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Anthony Armendariz
Chad Engle
"Usually as designers, we'll settle on the first answer we come to. But I think if we push past that first answer, we'll come to something really interesting."
About this episode

Funsize friend, Chad Engle, is the Product Design Director at GoDaddy, a company that is rapidly expanding its product offerings and leaning into design with a focus on in-house talent.  He stopped by to share his experience growing design orgs, explain what he looks for in applicants, and provide some insight into how he approaches leadership.

We cover:

  • Growing a design practice at GoDaddy
  • Transitioning from designer to Design Manager
  • Using a different set of design skills to create a design org
  • The value of pier-to-pier conversations and mentoring
  • "Steering the bull" of culture
  • Hiring for aptitude vs. craft
  • Growing as an IC
  • Designing design ladders

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On this episode
Anthony Armendariz
Chad Engle
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