From "This is a career?" to Product Designer in One Year (Thomas Ewart, Funsize)

January 21, 2020
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Anthony Armendariz
Thomas Ewart
"I love being able to be a glimpse of hope or give a firm direction [for new designers]" ... "Being able to meet these people who have gone through what you're going through is really hopeful so i love being able to be that."
About this episode

Thomas Ewart is an Associate Product Designer at Funsize, where he works with startups and enterprise design teams to craft thoughtful digital experiences. With a non-traditional career path that spans accounting, tattoos and electronic music, Thomas brings a unique perspective to his work and enjoys helping others find their place in the design world.

  • Non-traditional paths to design
  • The decision to spend the money on General Assembly's design intensive
  • Year one as a product designer
  • Enterprise vs. startup design work
  • Collaboration
  • The three stages of design in an organization
  • Figma and the future of design tools

Funsize is a digital product design studio that helps inspiring product teams, small and large, uncover opportunities, bring new products to market, evolve digital products and services, and explore the future.

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On this episode
Anthony Armendariz
Thomas Ewart
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