Insert Country Here: Design Teams Without Limits (Michael Holzer, Google Payments)

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Anthony Armendariz
Michael Holzer
"Ultimately, a lot of employers will need to accept flexibility as their operating model, which is going to be hard for them."
About this episode

Michael Holzer is the director of UX at Google Payments and has been at Google for over eight years. He is a passionate, entrepreneurial design leader currently focused on building and operating large-scale creative teams working on new mediums and technologies.

Michael grew up in Silicon Valley and started his career studying mechanical engineering and industrial design by prototyping bicycle helmets for Bell Sports. After dropping out, he pivoted to designing irrigation systems for a landscape architecture firm and soon found himself exploring and learning more about web design while working on the company's first website.

When not "working" in the traditional sense, Mike is passionate about biking and building his athletic cred.

In this episode we cover:

  • Technology & security
  • POS systems
  • Government incentives
  • Society at large
  • Building teams
  • Autonomous teams
  • And more!

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On this episode
Anthony Armendariz
Michael Holzer
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