Making It (feat. Mikael Cho)

Mikael started at a design studio and fell in love with what was possible with the internet and design but also became familiar with the challenges that happen when you are providing design as a service.

October 10, 2016
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Anthony Armendariz
Mikael Cho
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From starting a company with his wife in the basement of his home to presenting his start-up company to a daunting crowd of Canadian angel investors, Mikael Cho of Crew and Unsplash has been able to consciously push himself and the people around him to new levels of success. In this episode, Mikael and Anthony discuss the journey that Mikael's taken to find his professional path and how that path created his perspectives on growth, success, and life as a whole. Mikael believes building trust into new business relationships and knowing that growth is organic and in his eyes, is the most successful way to be true to yourself, your client and your craft. Originating in design and development, Crew seeks to help freelancers and studios establish consistency and Companies in need of Creative talent find the best available to them. Holistically, Crew supports freelancers and studios in removing the troublesome aspects of business in order to focus on letting those people do what they do best, create. 

Funsize is a digital product design studio that helps inspiring product teams, small and large, uncover opportunities, bring new products to market, evolve digital products and services, and explore the future.

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On this episode
Anthony Armendariz
Mikael Cho
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