Show Don't Tell (feat. Andy Vitale)

Enterprise software through the lens of User-centered design.

November 8, 2016
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Anthony Armendariz
Andy Vitale
"Show, don't tell."
About this episode

As Interaction Design Lead for 3M's Health Care Business Group, Andy Vitale is excited about making an impact in the healthcare space and designing meaningful healthcare solutions at the enterprise level.

Andy believes that being proactive in the enterprise environment is the best way to get the conversation started about designing successful solutions for enterprise problems. He also knows that it's important to always inform and educate people on what exactly it is that you do because it's more valuable when other people buy into and support what you do than simply speaking for yourself, especially on the enterprise level.

In this episode, Andy sits down with Anthony to discuss his perspective on ways to measure the impact of user experience, UX processes with his team and 3M, and how to grow user experience competency within a large organization like 3M.

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On this episode
Anthony Armendariz
Andy Vitale
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